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8:00 – Ron Paul remarked about how the wealthy were the ones who got bailouts and people lost money, how the United States shouldn’t let the president go to war without going to Congress just because the UN said it was okay.

  • At this point there were a lot of cheers in the room and while I did think that it was cheer-inducing, it was a lot of empty rhetoric because the statement was so general, it was easy to associate whatever meaning people had in mind to the remark. 
  • The first thing that came to mind in regards to his war remark (because I was not familiar with the UN’s association in any recent war – any involving Obama or Bush, but that is due to lack of research) was Bush’s declaration of war after the 9/11 attack, in which I thought that even though going to war was not the best decision, it was certainly the best time for the decision while the people was unified and would back the president in anything. So it made me wonder that if war was not a good option, what would have been the appropriate response to the attack?
  • Question to ask: In conjunction to your statement about the country being in debt and people being poor, how could we maintain a military that could adequately defend America against any unexpected, or expected, foes?

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