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Discuss the rhetorical strategies of ONE of our readings today in detail. How does the speaker/writer try to persuade her audience? What tropes emerge? How do race/class/gender/sexuality factor into her speech? How do her strategies compare to the other women we read for today?

Sojourner Truth does a wonderful job with repetition in which she continues to ask “Ain’t I a woman?” to her audiences as to emphasize the point that racial inequality is not the only issue. What rouses her to say those words is the idea that racial inequality keeps her from being treated like a woman because she points out the idea that men are gentlemen and polite and treat females delicately while for some reason, she is not treated even like a human being. What is interesting is that even as a black woman who has little education, her status as an evangelical allows her to connect with her audience because of their similar background. Compared to the other women, such as Stanton being a women’s rights activist, Astor being a female in Parliament, Lorde being a black professor and writer, her level of education does stand out as being lacking just due to the fact that she does not know how to read, but I find that has little impact on her effectiveness. She has a more assertive way of speaking and getting her message across, especially during her time when racial inquality was all the rage and people were not exactly inclined to listen to a black person, much less a black female.


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