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The publics with which I identify are publics in my current environment but then are counterpublics in the larger environment of the real world. I identify with the publics of electrical engineers, an academic of physics and math, and the Asian community. That being said, the first of the three are actually one of the more dominant publics at Texas A&M University but I am aware that outside of the university, it would be a counterpublic. In addition to that, as an academic of physics and math, while I consider it a dominant public because of its relevance in my own private life as well as being due to the people with which I am involved, it would be more of a counterpublic according to world issues. As for identifying with the Asian community, I consider that of some importance in spite of my lack of knowledge regarding Vietnamese history because of how it stands according to dominant publics.

Some counterpublics with which I identify with would be being a woman engineering major, avid readers, Sherlock Holmes and Supernatural fans, and the atheist community as well as being part of the Vietnamese Americans. One of the counterpublics on which I will remark is being a part of the Vietnamese Americans community.  As remarked earlier, I am not a avid historian of Vietnamese politics, that being said, Vietnamese Americans are one of the counterpublics within the Asian community by mere percentage and its dominance on the national level, which is not much relative to the Chinese community.


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